Success Story9

Banaraja poultry rearing gives recognition to farm women

Name: Smt. Lipsa Mohanty

W/o: Mr. Sanjeet Mohanty

Vill: Kansapal, Block-Bangiriposi, Dist-Mayurbhanj

Name of the KVK: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Mayurbhanj-1, Shamakhunta

Mrs. Lipsa Mohanty of village Kansapal in Bangiriposi block of Mayurbhanj district was a house wife with a very intense desire to become an agri-entrepreneur. Smt. Mohanty with an educational qualification of intermediate belonged to a lower middle class family which runs by traditional agricultural cultivation.  Her family was passing through severe economical hardship in earlier days.  From her childhood, she had a great interest to become an entrepreneur in agriculture and allied activities. Now Smt. Mohanty of village Kanspal in Mayurbhanj district become a successful farm woman in Banaraj poultry rearing. Previously due to lack of awareness about improved poultry, she was rearing local poultry breed. The income she generated was not sufficient for her livelihood sustainability. Receiving technical support from KVK, Mayurbhanj, Shamakhunta, She started rearing 150 to 200 nos. of 21 days old Banaraja chicks from KVK, Mayurbhanj with proper vaccination. She was provided with vaccination schedule i.e. 7th day F1 vaccine, on 14th day Gumboro vaccine and 28th day Lasota (R2B) vaccine through FLD programme. For the capacity building of Smt. Mohanty and other interested farm women in that locality, vocational trainings, distribution of leaflets and frontline demonstrations were undertaken by KVK, which leads to improvement of knowledge and skill in poultry farming. Smt. Lipsa Mohanty now earn a net income of Rs. 1,80,000 by selling 500 nos. of poultry birds per batch. So far 450 farm women from a total of 11 villages visited her farm to understand the secret of success. Apart from the help rendered by her family members, she strongly praises her husband for guiding, helping and encouraging her to achieve the goal. Her achievement has been recognized by various government and non-government agencies, societies and organizations. Her case illustrates very well what a resource poor and socially neglected woman can achieve with her perseverance, determination and hard work.