Success Story6

Rice Transplanter, a possible answer to labour problem

KVK Scientists observed the labour problem during the peak period of transplanting in paddy cultivation in Balidiha minor irrigation catchment area. To solve the problem and also to reduce the cost of cultivation, KVK scientists wanted to intervene with the introduction rice transplanter.  During the transplanting operation in paddy fields the labour scarcity was much more for which the operation is usually delayed causing low yield and increased cost of production.  KVK Scientistsconducted a demonstration on four self-propelled paddy transplanter.  Believing its utility, a progressive farmer Khirod Mohanta of Balidiha village adopted the practice in his 3 acre area paddy field.  As per his satisfaction, he states as 35% less requirement of seed and 60% saving in labour requirement during transplanting and nursery raising.  Fertilizer application is also very less by line sowing maintaining optimum plant population.  The result has taken notice of more farmers to adopt in their field during coming months.

Power Reaper is a suitable intervention for labour problem in peak period

During the PRA study of the adopted villages and group discussions with the farmers, it was envisaged from their experience that availability of labour is very scarce during the peak period of important farm operations like transplanting, harvesting, threshing etc. The cost of operation is also increasing by utilizing manual labour and quality of seed is deterioting for delay in harvesting due to unavailability of labour in time of harvesting. Studying the problem, Scientist of KVK planned for introduction of power reaper for harvesting operation of paddy.  Frontline Demonstration was conducted in fields of Batakrushna Rout, Jay Gopal Mohanta, Debendra Mohanta, Sandeep Rout and Chhotroyy Mohanta under Shamakhunta block, in which it was found that only 2.5 man hour is required in power reaper for harvesting of 2 acre of paddy crop as compared to 50 man hour by manual harvesting.  It is calculated that investing only Rs.75,000/- towards purchase of power reaper, the cost will come as Rs.120/- per acre including labour charge.  In other way, hiring cost of reaper would be Rs.300 per acre in higher side.  But in case of manual harvesting the farmers spend Rs.1050 per one acre, which is costlier than power reaper.  As the labour problem is very intense during the peak period of harvesting, power reaper is no doubt a very suitable alternative option in paddy crop due to its cost and time effectiveness..

Farm Machinery use in sowing of pulses convinced the farmers of Mayurbhanj district

Greengram is cultivated in a large area during the Rabi season in Shamakhunta block.  The farmers usually follow the manual sowing of seeds by broadcasting method.  As a result, there is a problem of non-uniform plant population and seed requirement is also high.  It was further observed that the yield is reduced due to improper spacing through broadcasting method.  In this aspect training and demonstration programmes on tractor drawn inclined-plate planter and zero till drill for line sowing of pulses was carried out in collaboration with the AICRP on Farm Implement and Machineries, CAET, Bhubaneswar.  In the programme Scientist of OUAT like Prof. S.K.Nanda, Prof. P.C.Pradhan alongwith Assistant Engineer (Agriculture) from line department, Er.H.K.Jena facilitated the technical session and interactive demonstration, conducted in the village Sindurgoura.  The farmers were convinced about the technology as use of zero till drill & plate planter could save Rs.600/- per acre than conventional method of broadcasting besides the assured increase in yield by 35%.  The field capacity of the planter was found to be 1.0 ac/hour with the seed rate of 8 kg/ac.  The successful result was highlighted by organizing a field day involving official from line department, neighboring farmers and media person.  The usefulness was truly broadcasted and published in different print &electronic media.  Now farmers are so convinced on the technology that they are very much eager to adopt the technology during future days in a large area.