Success Story4

Name                                               Suranjay Mohanta

Age                                                    29 years

Enterprise                                     Poultry Farming

Fathers Name                              Jitendra Mohanta

Village                                             Sindurgoura,

Block                                                Shamakhunta

Educational Qualification     Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Previous status                            Serving in a Multinational Company.

                                                            Resigned in the year, 2008 for self Employment.

Present status :

He started his own farm in 2009
Banana  2100 nos.
Papaya  1500 nos.

Planted in 1.5 ac. Area, with technical consultation with the KVK scientists.

He started a Banaraja (Synthetic free range dual purpose colour bird) brooding farm with an initial investment of only Rs.20,000/-.  In the first phase he procured 500 nos. of day old chick and sold 300 nos. (21 day old) chicks with a profit of Rs.8,000/-.  After rearining 200 nos. birds in free range, he gets a profits of Rs.33,000/- after 2-3 months duration.  In the 2nd Phase, repeating the same practice, he gets a total profit of Rs.46,000/- after 3-4 months duration.  He is continuing with his 3rd batch with 500 nos. of chicks.

Technical Intervention:

It is a great impact of the demonstration unit of the KVK in campus for Banaraja brooding and technical back stopping.

Future Strategy:

Due to heavy pressure on the KVK for supply of 21 days old Banaraja chicks, it is a suitable example of entrepreneurship for supply of Banaraja chicks for wider acceptability.He also plans to start a chick production unit with all modern equipments after getting proper training from a reputed institute.