Success Story3


Name                                                     Radhanath Singh

Age                                                         27 years

Enterprise                                           Integrated farming & farm mechanization.

Fathers Name                                    Radhdnath Singh

Village                                                  Salabani

Contact No.                                         9437855455

Educational Qualification          +3 Science

Total Holding Area                          10.0 acre
                                                                  Kharif (Irrigated )  10.0 acre
                                                                  Rabi (Partially irrigated)  4.0 acre


Cropping Activities

i) Crop - Paddy, Area  10.0 acre, Season  Kharif
Previous Status  Avg. yield 10 q/ac
Present status Avg. yield  14 q/ac
Net income  Rs.1,40,000/- (annually)
Intervening technology  SRI, Integrated Nutrient Management, Farm Mechanization. Plantation of Arhar in bunds checks pest
ii) Crop - Greengram, Area  4.0 acre, Season  Rabi
Previous status  Avg. yield  7.0 q/ac.
Present status  Avg. yield  14.0 q/ac.
Net income  Rs.7,000/- (Annually)
Intervening technology  Rhizobium culture, Integrated Nutrient Management, Proper control of aphids.

iii) Crop - Wheat, Area 1.0 ac., Season  Rabi
Started this year in consultation with KVK following full package of practices.
Present Status Yield  6.0 q/ac.
Net income -

Other Enterprises

i) Pisiculture  2 nos. ponds  1 acre.

     Duckery  60 nos. (Khaki Campbell) in initial stage.

ii)  Dairy  Cross bred  2 nos.

      Milk production  7 litre / day.

      Annual income  Rs.7,000/-

Horticultural Crops

i) Vegetables  Off season and seasonal vegetables like tomato, spinach,

    Gourds etc. in 1 acre area.
    Annual income  Rs.20,000/-
    Improved seedlings procured from KVK with technical know-how.

ii)  Fruits Banana  400 nos. & Papaya 30 nos.

      Annual Income Rs.45,000/-

Farm Machineries possessed

i) Power tiller

ii) Mini tractor

iii) Paddy power thresher-cum-winnower

iv) Axial flow thresher (power tiller operated)

v) Power reaper

vi) Sprinkler irrigation set

Membership in professional Society

Secretary, Mayurbhanj Farmer self help consumer cooperative ltd.

Future Strategies

i) To setup a model agriculture farm for the learning of other farmers.

ii) To establish a cold storage

iii) To start a poultry unit.