Transfer of technology

SRI (System of Rice Intensification)

Initial Status : Average yield of paddy in medium land in the district was 30 –35 q/ha. In 2005 – 06, the adoption of SRI technology was nil.

The average productivity enhanced to 68 q/ha

Extensionstrategies followed

  • On-farm testing
  • Training Programmes
  • Field days`
  • Radio talks & leaflets

Presently 781 nos. of farmers adopted in 674 ha area in the district. Projected area in next 3 years is expected as 2000 ha

A farmers’ seminar was organized on 16.10.2009

Power reaper

Initial Status : Shortage of labour in peak hour and drudgery for manual reaping. In 2005-06 total nos. of power reaper was  40 nos in the district

Extensionstrategies followed:

  • Field demonstration followed by field day
  • Radio and T.V programme
  • Leaflets and C.D filim production
  • Exhibition

Present status is 85 nos in the district. There is annual income of Rs 20,000/- by custom hiring